How to Downsize for Luxury Apartment Living

November 25, 2021

Moving from a larger home to an apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise your standards. Smaller luxury apartments have similar high quality materials and spacious living areas as larger homes. At Haven Towers, you’ll still have plenty of room and high-end finishings. Not to mention the onsite spa, fitness center and pool, and other luxury amenities are an extension of your home!

However after living in a larger home you’ll undoubtedly need to take a hard look at your possessions and downsize in some way. When making the move into a smaller space, these tips can help you pare down your belongings. 

Decide what you absolutely can’t live without. 

Identify the pieces that truly matter to you so your luxury apartment truly feels like your home. This may make getting rid of some items easier if you know that others have more personal value. Also, if you’re moving to a contemporary apartment home like Haven Towers, you’ll no longer need gardening or lawn care tools, or large outdoor furniture sets. The same is true for other rooms in your home like your kitchen and bedroom: donate the appliances that are just taking up counter space and the clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn in years. 

Compare the size of your new space to your old space. 

Moving is often an opportunity to get creative and use old furniture in a fresh way. For instance if your bedroom sitting area furniture won’t fit in your new master bedroom, why not try to use it in another area of your apartment? If not, it might be an item to downsize or pass on to your children.

Cash in on investment pieces. 

If you’ve been sitting on art or antique furniture that you purchased years ago, this could be the perfect time to send it to auction or sell your high-end furniture and decor to consignment dealers.

Start downsizing early. 

The larger your current home, the more time you will need to plan what will make the move and what will need to find a new home. Create a schedule and spend time each day going through closets, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and any other areas where clutter easily builds. This will make downsizing much easier when you eventually get to the ‘bigger’ jobs.

Downsizing from a larger home to a luxury apartment is a freeing experience. Escape the ordinary at Haven Towers. Now taking registrants for VIP access to plans and pricing. Click here to register!


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